Užsienio studentai pas mus

Madina Kenzhebekova from Kazakhstan

Hello, my name is Madina Kenzhebekova and I am an exchange student from Kazakhstan. I am incredibly excited to spend a semester in Lithuania. I study at the faculty of mathematics and Informatics, also I have courses from other faculties. In this letter I would like to highlight and Express my gratitude to Daiva Janavičienė, my teacher from the Institute of foreign languages. why? from her practical courses I got a lot of useful information and was able to understand which skills I should improve in the future.

             In the audience democracy and justice reign, ranging from relationships to students finishing with the evaluation of our works. I never felt myself strange or left out, as the situation during the lesson allows the students to fully demonstrate their abilities.I particularly liked the style of lessons. We learned not only  through books, but also analyzed scientific films, perform listening tasks and presented the themes, which we chose by ourselves,   to develop language  capabilities.

I appreciate  Vilnius University for the opportunity and obtained invaluable experience.

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