Akimirkos iš studentų konferencijos

 Tarpdisciplininė VU studentų konferencija ”BREAKTHROUGHS IN SCIENCE” (“PROVERŽIAI MOKSLE” konferencija vyko anglų k.)

Data:                  11.00-15.00 gegužės 8, 2018  

Vieta:                   106, VU Gyvybės mokslų centras

Organizatorius: VU Filologijos fakulteto Užsienio kalbų institutas

Student Conference on Breakthroughs in Science

Studentų atsiliepimai:

The Breakthrough Science conference was an amazing experience for me . It
was well organized, good scale, solid content in presentations.

The student presentations and posters were outstanding and professional .
In other words great contacts, discussions, and a deeper appreciation took

 Attendees, presenters, and speakers alike have shared their positive
experience and educational background to make it a successful and
meaningful event. I am very grateful to all of the organizers and
presenters. *Naoufal AKKI* exchange student EM Normandie


The Interdisciplinary Student Conference organised by the Philology Faculty
greatly enhanced my studying experience in Vilnius University as an
Erasmus+ student. The participating students made informed presentations
about interesting scientific subjects and recent technological developments
in their respective fields, with great linguistic and scientific
competence. Additionally, I was also given the opportunity to participate
in the conference and develop my abilities in the English language,
presentation preparation, and public speaking. This was a new and exciting
opportunity for me since, to my knowledge, this type of event is not
organised in my home university. Overall, I found the conference to be a
really valuable experience for all the students involved.

Christianna Moraiti,
Student in the Faculty of Physic

Prezentacija CXryo-electron microscopy

Prezentacija Chaperone-mediated autophagy

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