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The Institute of Foreign Languages at Vilnius University provides foreign language teaching for students from all VU faculties. Future lawyers, doctors, economists, chemists, and physicists have the opportunity to learn professional English, German, French or Russian. Those, who decide to get deeper into the world of languages, may take advantage of the possibility offered by VU and in addition learn Spanish, Italian or Georgian during their study years as an optional, an elective or as an extra-curriculum subject.

The Institute of Foreign Languages - multilingual world that invites all present and future VU students to learn various foreign languages.

Since 2013 admission has been announced to the study programme “English and other foreign language (French)“ (state code 612Q10004“) after the completion of which Bachelor‘s degree in linguistics is awarded.

High school graduates,who know that various nations have different culture, religion, cuisine, climate and seeking to find out what is common among temperamental Spanish, kind-hearted Russians and businesslike English, are welcome to the Institute of Foreign Languages where they are offered two very perspective study programmes: “English and Russian languages (state code 612Q10001)“ and “English and other foreign language (Spanish) (state code 612Q10004)“ after the completion of which Bachelor‘s degree in linguistics is awarded.

“English and other foreign language (French)“

“English and other foreign language (Spanish)“

“English and Russian languages“

Differently from conventional philological programmes, the mentioned programmes focus on practical activities of the graduates, they are targeted at preparing linguists who will obtain broader career possibilities and will be able to have a competitive advantage in labour market. If you decide to choose the mentioned study programmes, you will:

-         master several most popular foreign languages;

-         get acquianted with literature and culture of the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, France and other countries;

-         learn to create, analyse and edit texts of various styles and genres;

-         be able to translate different texts from/ into English, Russian/Spanish/French and Lithuanian languages;

-         acquire knowledge about the system and structure of the languages you study;

-         be able to choose minor studies;

-     know how to work in a team, responsibly accomplish all assignments, and independently make ethical professional decisions;

-         be able to communicate and cooperate observing the values of tolerance, respect, responsibility, etc.;

-         you will be able to take post graduate studies in English, Russian, French and Spanish linguistics and translation, and apply your know-how in various public, international, private-capital enterprises and organizations.

From the second year best students of the Institute of Foreign Languages get the possibility to study in other countries as an Erasmus+ or bilateral exchange students for one or two semesters. They can choose their studies in Italy (University of Venice Ca Foscari, Cagliari and Genoa), Bulgaria (University of Shumen), Spain (University of Oviedo), Russia (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University) as well as in other countries. In the fourth year of their studies students have the opportunity to get a 12-week practice in different Lithuanian translation bureaus, tourism agencies, publishing houses, various companies and institutions.

These days knowledge of one foreign language does not distinguish you from hundreds of others, that is why we invite you to study two foreign languages simultaneously, i.e. the English language, the need of which has been established for decades, and Spanish or French, which are getting more and more popular, or Russian, which has been recently discovered as new.

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