Department of English for Physical and Biomedical Sciences

Vilnius University, The Institute of Foreign Languages Universiteto 5, LT-01513 Vilnius


Head of the Department:

Prof. Dr. Roma Kriaučiūnienė

Reception hours and venue:

Wednesdays 10:00 -12:00 VU, Institute of Foreign Languages, Department of English

for Physical and Biomedical Sciences

Telephone: (+370) 5 268 72 68



Administrative assistant:

 Edita Petroševičienė

Telephone: (+370) 5 268 72 68



Our goals:

  • to offer a wide range of English courses to students in the Faculties of Faculties of Chemistry, Physics, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, Medicine of Vilnius University; the courses are taught in compliance with the order specified in the respective university study programmes;
  • development of the modules/ courses taught;
  • to carry out research and methodological work;
  • to share language teaching experience and promote cooperation with teachers in Lithuania and abroad.

We teach:

  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as a compulsory subject to full time students of Vilnius University;
  • General and Professional English as an elective or optional subject;
  • in full time BA degree programmes run by the Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) or other faculties of Vilnius university

Research and methodological work

  • Synchronic research into the structure (grammatical, lexical, semantic and stylistic features) of the Germanic and Lithuanian languages, integrating the research results into  the teaching process and lexicographic practice
  • the research of applied linguistics and language didactics (sociolinguistics, discourse analysis of scientific texts; foreign languages teaching and testing: development of standardized tests, quality problems of final examination tests of foreign languages; evaluation of language competences, content integrated language teaching; foreign language teacher training, development of       competencies (professional, general, individual, cross-cultural, etc.) in foreign language teaching learning process).

Other activities

The teaching staff of the department compile study programmes, translate scientific literature and fiction (from English to Lithuanian and from Lithuanian to English); their research and methodological activities are pursued while participating in international scientific conferences and seminars as speakers in Lithuania and abroad (in the UK, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Germany), publishing scientific works in acknowledged Lithuanian scientific journals (“Kalbotyra”, “Žmogus ir žodis”, “Acta Paedagogica”, “Pedagogika”, “Kalbų studijos”) and other reviewed papers. The members of the teaching staff run professional development seminars for school and university teachers of English from all over Lithuania, regularly upgrade their qualification by attending various courses and seminars in Lithuania or going on study and teaching visits abroad. 

International cooperation / membership in professional bodies

The academic staff are members of the Language Teachers' Association of Lithuania ( Lietuvos kalbų pedagogų asociacija), Lithuania's Association of Applied Linguistics (Lietuvos taikomosios kalbotyros asociacija),LAKMIDA, European Society for the Study of English, The English Speaking Union   and other professional organizations. The Department has contacts with foreign language departments and language centres in Lithuania and abroad.

Teaching aids prepared by the lecturers of the department:

  • Roma Kriaučiūnienė (2011). English for Physicists. Practice file.
  • Leonora Norvilienė(2012). English Medical File.
  • Albina Trečiokaitė (2012). Build up Your Medical Vocabulary.
  • Lina Inčiuraitė (2012). Englishf or Students of Natural Science.
  • Lina Inčiuraitė (2012). English for Students of Biology: an Introduction to Vertebrate World.
  • ·Irena Vankevič. (2013). Reading and speaking for students of geology and meteorology.
  • Laura Giniūnienė (2013). Mathematics and the Arts.
  • Aušrelė Pranculienė (2013). Focus on Listening and Language
  • Loreta Chodzkienė (2014).What Should Every Student Know About Intercultural Communication?
  • Miglė Ginaitytė (2015). Vocabulary Booster and Speaking Taskas for Students of Ecology
  • Roma Kriaučiūnienė (2015). English for IT Students  and Physicists.
  • D. Janavičienė, R. Kriaučiūnienė, S. Poštič (2016). English for Students of Physics.
  • A. Trečiokaitė (2016). Basic Medical Terms.

Participation in the projects implemented by the Institute of Foreign Languages:

Socrates / Lingua 1 project “OPEN TO EVERY CITIZEN” „LANGUAGE FOR ALL “
117083-cp-1-2004-1-LT-LINGUA-L1. Duration: 2004-2007

The project "The Development of Communication Competence Assessment and Self-Assessment System" coordinated by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe. Duration: 2006–2008

European Language Portfolio” (for adults and 5-8 formers of the Lithuanian general education schools). Duration: 2006-2009

Erasmus project “EMETT – European Master’s degree for the European teacher”. Duration: 2007–2009

Erasmus intensive program “Modernisation of Europe by Innovating Teacher Training (Practical Approach)” MEITT. Duration: July 4-17, 2010.

Project financed by the European Structural Funds and the Lithuanian Ministry for Education and Science „Development of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Education“) Duration: 2011-2013.

Participation of the lecturers of the department in other project activities:

Lecturer Roma Valiukienė and lecturer Asta Statkevičienė represent Vilnius University in Nordplus Project  ILTICS (Integrated Language Teaching in the Field of Cross-border Security) aimed at creating a strategy of integrated language teaching to ensure the safety of state border. The Project is co-ordinated By Estonian Academy of Defence Sciences. Vilnius University and Finnish Border and Coast Guard Academy are partners in the Project. The duration is: 2015 – 2016.

Assoc. prof. dr. Roma Kriaučiūnienė and Assoc. prof. dr. Loreta Chodzkienė took part in the Erasmus multilateral project “DIV.ED - Diversity in the Learning Experience in Higher Education” organized by the Lithuanian Association of Language Teachers with partners from other countries (Austria, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands). Duration: 2012 -2014.

Assoc. prof. dr. Zita Mažuolienė took part in the project coordinated by the Educational Development Center under the Ministry of Education and Science “Providing Wider Possibilities for Choosing a Learning Pathway by Students aged 14-19, Phase II: Deeper Learning Differentiation and Individualization for Ensuring Education Quality Demanded by the Modern Labor World”. Duration: 2013 - 2014.

Assoc. prof. dr. L. Chodzkienė takes part in the Nordplus Horizontal project NPHZ-2013/10022 “Developing the Language Awareness Approach in the Nordic and Baltic Countries” (DELA-NOBA), which is coordinated by Roskilde University (Denmark). The project has 21 partners from seven countries: (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden). Duration: 2013-2016.

Lect. L. Zavadskienė takes part in the international Erasmus+ project „Cooperation and Innovation in Teachers' Associations (CITA), 2014-1-ES01-KA200-003382“. 6), which is coordinated by APABAL (Associació de Professors d’Anglès de Balears), other project partners: IATEFL-HU (International Association of English Teachers-Hungary) and the Lithuanian Association of Language Teachers (LAKMA). Duration: 2014 – 2016.

Prof.dr. R.Kriaučiūnienė


Doc.dr. L.Chodzkienė

Doc. dr. Z.Mažuolienė

Lect. dr. D. Costello

Lect.dr. S.Poštič

Lect. A.Dapšienė

Lect. L.Inčiuraitė - Noreikienė

Lect. M. Ginaitytė

Lect. L. Giniūnienė

Lect. D.Gornatkevičienė

Lect. D.Janavičienė

Lect. O Kudirkienė

Lect. L.Norvilienė

Lect. D.Pinkevičienė

Lect. A.Pranculienė

Lect. I. Rozgienė

Lect. H.Shipman

Lect. R.Sirvydė

Lect. I. Snukiškienė

Lect. I.Stasiūnaitė

Lect. A.Statkevičienė

Lect. D.Straižytė

Lect. A.Trečiokaitė

Lect. D. Valūnas

Lect. L.Zavadskienė

Lect. E. Židonienė

Assist. I.Gelžinytė

Assist. A. Jankūnienė

Assist. V. Vaskelaitė

Assist. R.Stalnionytė

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