Department of English for Social Studies and Humanities

Vilnius University, Institute of Foreign Languages

Universiteto 5, LT-01513 Vilnius, Lithuania

  •  Head of the Department:

    Assoc. prof. dr. Aušra Janulienė

    Address: Saulėtekio 9, LT-01513 Vilnius.
    Telephone: (+370) 5 2366295; 2366294

    Reception hours:

    Monday 13 - 14, room 515, Saulėtekio 9

    Friday   11 – 12, Institute of Foreign Languages, Universiteto 5

    Administrative assistants: 

    Tatjana Grigonienė


    Office hours: Monday, Tuesday 9.30 – 17.00, Thursday 9.30 – 12.30
    Telephone: (+370) 5 2366295

    Our goals:

    • to offer a wide range of English courses to students in the Faculties of Economics, Philosophy, History, Communication, Law as well as the Institute of International Relations & Political Science; the courses are taught in compliance with the order specified in the respective university study programmes;
    • development of the modules/ courses taught;
    • to carry out research and methodological work;
    • to share language teaching experience and promote cooperation with teachers in Lithuania and abroad.

    We teach:

    • English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as a compulsory subject to full time students of Vilnius University;
    • General, Professional English or English for International Exams as an elective or optional subject;
    • in full time BA degree programmes run by the Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) or other faculties of Vilnius university

     Research and methodological work

    • Synchronic research into the structure (grammatical, lexical, semantic and stylistic features) of the Germanic and Lithuanian languages, integrating the research results into  the teaching process and lexicographic practice
    • Applied linguistics and language didactics: lexicographic practice, English language teaching methodology, preparation of standardized tests, theory and practice of translation

    Other activities

    The teachers of the Department actively participate in designing and implementing professional development programmes for teachers of other academic divisions of the university, teach at the IFL Language School, review textbooks and teaching materials, write research articles, act as experts when  assessing study programmes of other academic institutions, translate scientific literature and fiction from/ into English, run professional development seminars for school and university teachers of English from all over Lithuania, regularly upgrade their qualification by attending various courses and seminars in Lithuania or going on study and teaching visits abroad.      

    International cooperation / membership in professional bodies

    The academic staff are members of the Language Teachers' Association of Lithuania ( Lietuvos kalbų pedagogų asociacija), Lithuania's Association of Applied Linguistics (Lietuvos taikomosios kalbotyros asociacija),LAKMIDA, European Society for the Study of English, The English Speaking Union   and other professional organizations. The Department has contacts with foreign language departments and language centres in Lithuania and abroad.

    Participation in projects

    • Leonardo da Vinci project Curriculum Innovation: Teaching Legal English under Lifelong Conditions”LT/04/EX/2/0734 (2004-2007). Duration: 2004-2007
    • The project coordinated by the Council of Europe Language Policy Division Developing the System of Communicative Competences Assessment and Self-Assessment. Duration: 2006–2008
    • Socrates Programme Project  The Impact of Education on Social Regeneration.  Duration: 2007–2009
    • Erasmus Project  EMETT – The European Master in Teacher Training. Duration: 2007–2009
    • Lifelong Learning programme ErasmusIntensive programme (IP) project“Educational Contributions to Building Cohesion in European Social and Institutional Life(2008-2010)
    • The project Development of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Education funded by the European Structural Funds and Ministry of Education and Science under the „Human Development Action Programme“, Agreement No. VP1-2.2-ŠMM-05-K-02-011. Duration: 2011-2013.
    • Lecturer Roma Valiukiene is representing Vilnius University in the ILTICS project (Integrated Language Teaching in the Field of  Cross-border Security), which contributes to the development of Nordic and Baltic cooperation between higher and vocational education by sharing best CLIL related practices and results. The results of the ILTICS project will be a CLIL network and a list of recommendations for the implementation of CLIL. In cooperation with Vilnius University the EASS will contribute into the development of the Finnish Border and Coast Guard Academy’s integrated language learning strategy.
      Coordinator:  Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Partners:   Vilnius University (Lithuania) Border and Coast Guard Academy (Finland) Duration: September 2015 – September 2016


  • Prof.dr.J.Korostenskienė Arcimavičienė L.Bikelienėė

    Lect.dr. O.Medvedeva

    Lect.dr. A.Riley

    Lect. R.Bačiulienė

    Lect. V.Bitinaitė

    Lect. V.Gricius

    Lect. V.Jonaitienė

    Lekt. S.Kontrimienė

    Lect. A.Kuokštienė

    Lect. L.Marčiulionytė

    Lect. R.Montvilienė

    Lect. B.Palovienė

    Lect. G.Pleikienė

    Lect. R.Sirvydė

    Lect. D.Snapkauskaitė

    Lect. V.O.Stankūnienė

    Lect. R.Valiukienė

    Lect. D.Vasiliauskienė

    Lect. L.Vaškelienė

    Lect. V.Eimulienė

    Lect. J.Kirejeva

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