Students’ interdisciplinary conference Breakthroughs in Science

The 9th of May is celebrated as Europe Day. On this day back in 1950 the Foreign Minister of France Robert Schuman announced his Declaration, which formed the basis for the foundation of the European Coal and Steel Community. This was the background of the European economic unity.

The Institute of Foreign Languages of Vilnius University commemorates this day together with students of biophysical and medical sciences  by holding a cross-faculty conference “Breakthroughs in Science”. The working language of the conference is English, which is the key language of communication within the EU.

The conference, which took place in the grand auditorium of VU Life Sciences Centre and which was lively moderated by the Physics Faculty students Kamilė Skorupskaitė and Edvinas Gvozdiovas, is now building up momentum. By taking turns, the students of the Faculties of Chemistry, Physics, Medicine and Life Sciences Centre demonstrated excellent knowledge of their study area and English.

One of the goals of the Institute of Foreign Languages is to teach students to deliver structured scientific presentations by using specialist terminology and to develop their skills of structuring, classifying and generalizing information and presenting it to the professional academic audience.

The conference went way beyond expectation – students of various study programmes “bombarded” the speakers with professional questions, and the student Karolis Stankevičius of the Telecommunications and Electronics study programme demonstrated a high level of competence as the Dean of the Physics Faculty prof. V. Balevičius asked him to elaborate on some statements of his presentation.

The conference is becoming an annual event. We are eagerly looking forward to the 9th of May 2018, when students will be once again sharing their knowledge in order to galvanize (capture) the attention of the audience.

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