The Institute of Foreign Languages was founded and started functioning as an independent academic unit of the University in 1999. Nevertheless, foreign language teaching in Vilnius University has old and deep-rooted traditions. Already in the old Vilnius Jesuit College in addition to Latin, Greek and Hebru languages, such new European languages as German, French and Russian were taught from time to time. Regular modern language teaching started after 1797 when Vilnius University was reorganized into the Principal School, which was later renamed into Imperial University of Vilnius. Since 1801 foreign languages were incorporated into teaching programmes and taught without cessation. Students of all faculties learned foreign languages as mandatory subjects of the general learning programme. Mandatory foreign language learning was regulated by the University Statute and faculty regulations.

Foreign language teaching at Vilnius University has not been interrupted at any stage in the history of Vilnius University. In the last decades foreign language teaching at Vilnius University has been organized by a specially founded foreign language departments of the Faculty of Philology, which since 1999 constitute the Institute of Foreign Languages.

Currently such foreign languages as English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Georgian are being taught to the students of consecutive and extramural studies at the Institute of Foreign Languages.

More information about foreign language teaching at Vilnius University could be obtained from: Vilnius University Foreign Language Teaching Concept.

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